Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New York gives homeless people a one-way ticket to leave city | World news |

New York gives homeless people a one-way ticket to leave city | World news "New York has found a novel, if expensive, way of dealing with its overcrowded shelters – buying one-way tickets for homeless families to leave the city.
Under the initiative, by the administration of the mayor, Michael Bloomberg, hundreds of families have been given plane, rail, and bus tickets and even petrol vouchers to leave the city. One homeless family of five was given $6,332 (nearly £4,000) worth of travel costs to Paris, according to the New York Times.
The city justifies such costs because it argues the alternative is more expensive. It costs New York's taxpayers $36,000 to put up a homeless family in a night shelter for a year.
Families can qualify for the tickets if they have a relative in another part of the world, including the US, who says they are willing to house them.
Since the $500,000-a-year scheme was launched in 2007, 550 homeless families have been paid to leave the city. None have come back.
'We want to divert as many families as we can that need assistance,' Vida Chavez-Downes, a city official said.
'We have paid for visas, we've gone down to the consulate, we've provided letters, we've paid for passports for people to go. Anyone who comes through our door.'
Critics have dismissed the initiative as a gimmick.
Arnold Cohen, head of a New York campaign group, Partnership for the Homeless, told the New York Times: 'The city is engaged in cosmetics. What we're doing is passing the problem of homelessness to another city. We're taking people from a shelter bed here to the living room couch of another family. Essentially, this family is still homeless.'
The closest British equivalent was an initiative in London to relocate homeless families to towns with a surplus of homes, such as Huddersfield."

Monday, August 10, 2009

How to find health care-with help

Finding health care-dental care is a hard bargain for the poor people of the world.
For the low income person to find health care and dental care it is a loosing proposition due to the fact that most people with low incomes don't have the resources to find low cost health care.

They don't have computers and most can't operate one anyway.

They don't have phones to call anyone for advice so they are left with bad health and bad dental health.

I shall give an example of a person who earns under $1000 a month through social security.

This person is single and is a veteran of foreign wars and gets $16 a month in food stamps.

Amazing what a person goes through for a few dollars.

He needs his remaining 12 teeth pulled and tried to get help but no one would help.

Through a friend he asked for help .

The friend called the state capital to get an address for food subsistance.This proceedure took 3 weeks to be approved and then a credit card from the food assistance program arrived.It was for $16 .His $1000 a month earnings were to high to get any more money.

We called many different organizations to get his dental taken care of and after four months we found a United States orginization that will pull or fix your teeth on a percentage of your monthly pay.

Can you imagine this person has tried to get dental aid for 30 some years without any luck in doing so.We found a program that will pull his bad teeth for $12 apiece.

I am going to share these programs with everyone,so they can help someone they know.
Veterans Burial Service

All veterans are entitled to a free burial at a national cemetery and a free grave marker. This benefit also extends to spouses and dependent children, to some civilians who have provided military-related service, and to some Public Health Service personnel. You can find more information by visiting the Department of Veterans Affairs' Web site

Health and Dental Care
Can you imagine what will happen under President Obama's health care plan.A person making under $1000 a month will have to pay his share for health care.This money will come right off the top of his pay check.

How can you make a person pay for health and dental care when they are already on food stamps.It doesn't make any sense to me.We have people running this country that don't know anything about how people are living and under what conditions.They should all be voted out of office to give America a fresh start.

Every politician running for office needs to mandatorially live on the streets for one week without any money or assistance before they can run for office.Then write a thesis on what they will do to help those who are living under bridges and in boxes,without a meal for days on end.

Our benefits are running out
Forty-five million nonelderly Americans were uninsured in 2007, and that was before the recession wiped out scores of jobs. Most laid-off workers likely lost their health insurance along with their incomes, and private coverage costs too much for many families to buy. And as medical costs soar, the price tag on promised Medicaid benefits is reaching unsustainable levels. These distress signals have put health care reform high on the president's and policymakers' agendas.

As more Americans become uninsured, enrollment in Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) will rise—driving up state expenses just as revenues are declining. Urban Institute researchers estimate that, if unemployment hits 10 percent, 5.8 million more people will be uninsured, 5.4 million would enroll in Medicaid and SCHIP, and 13.2 million would lose their employer-sponsored insuranceSocial Security and Medicare are fading even faster under the weight of the recession, heading for insolvency years sooner than previously expected, the government warned Tuesday.

Social Security will start paying out more in benefits than it collects in taxes in 2016, a year sooner than projected last year, and the giant trust fund will be depleted by 2037, four years sooner, trustees reported.

Medicare is in even worse shape. The trustees said the program for hospital expenses will pay out more in benefits than it collects this year, just as it did for the first time in 2008. The trustees project that the Medicare fund will be depleted by 2017, two years earlier than the date projected in last year's report.

What do you suppose is going to happen to all the people on medicare and medicaid when the funds run out?

I feel sorry for all who will be in this predicament if this happens.

The trust funds — which exist in paper form in a filing cabinet in Parkersburg, W.Va. — are bonds that are backed by the government's "full faith and credit" but not by any actual assets. That money has been spent over the years to fund other parts of government. To redeem the trust fund bonds, the government would have to borrow in public debt markets or raise taxes.

The government will have too raise taxes anyway,because our deficit is in the trillions of dollars and big buisness are taking their products overseas to be manufactured,which will leave the tax burden on the working class which make mostly minimum wages.